Advantage® ERP Management Services

Advantage® ERP Management Services

Need help maintaining, operating, and/or upgrading your ERP platform? Infiniti’s Advantage® team is comprised of true experts, each with over 15 years experience implementing, upgrading, maintaining, and operating Advantage®. We have senior Technical Architects, Database Administrators, infoAdvantage® Report Experts, everything an organization needs to support their Advantage® Financial System. Infiniti’s ERP Management Services offer organizations an alternative to being tied down to a single vendor giving you support options that are more cost effective along with excellent service.

Our team helps navigate the ERP platform, reducing costs and increasing flexibility in your organization. By having Infiniti take care of managing your ERP solution, your organization can take advantage of the benefits without the hassle, freeing up your time to be spent on other aspects of your business.


Infiniti ensures your ERP platform is consistently performing at an optimal level. While your organization is busy dealing with a multitude of other challenges, you can rest assure we are working behind the scenes to maintain smooth sailing of your ERP platform.


As new enhancements and features of the ERP application are released, you’re never kept waiting. Infiniti resources specialize in deploying upgrades and are infrastructure experts.


High level of experienced support at your fingertips whenever you need it, we are just a call away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes application environment support, server monitoring, backups, and disaster recovery.


Experienced experts in performance tuning specific to your customized solution. Infiniti has proven that we can improve performance in the Advantage® nightly cycle, ETL process, and infoAdvantage®.


Infiniti has increased the performance and reporting capabilities of every client we partner with. We will learn the ins and outs of your organization, specifically tailoring analytics based on your needs. We know the infoAdvantage® product inside and out. Your organization’s dedicated account manager will consistently run necessary reports to analyze performance and keep your ERP platform working for you.

Nightly Processing

No need to stay up all night, Infiniti will handle all your nightly processing. Infiniti’s nightly cycle scheduling software assures jobs run correctly and efficiently.

Advantages of Using Infiniti for Your Managed Services

  • Faster response time

    Infiniti works in close conjunction with your team in every critical step of the support process. Our dedicated account managers work swiftly to solve any questions and challenges that arise, eliminating the need for long and unnecessary wait times.

  • More cost effective

    Infiniti’s ERP managed services are more cost effective than alternative support options.

  • Experienced staff

    Infiniti brings exceptional technical knowledge and support to our clients. Our staff members have worked with numerous organizations helping them to navigate ERP software solutions, including but not limited to CGI Advantage®.

Key benefits to using Infiniti for managed services

  • Improve reliability and availability
  • Reduce upgrade spend and reduce maintenance spend
  • Reallocate scarce IT staff to other solutions or citizen-centric activities
  • Defer implementation and upgrade costs
  • Work closely with a consistent team of government ERP experts
  • Simplify budgeting
  • Mitigate implementation risk, technical staffing needs and interdependencies
  • Gain ready access to ERP expertise and timely deployment of new software capabilities with long-term cost predictability
  • Increase transparency and accountability through service delivery metrics designed around your organization’s specific operations and business objectives.