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Global eLearning company seeks partner for US cloud services and marketplace expertise

Israeli-based eLearning software company, Time to Know is a global pioneer in the Ed-Tech industry. Their learning software platform is a market leader from K12 to college education, educational learning publishers and corporate, vocational and continuing education providers. Time to Know’s cloud based, open architecture allows a modular approach to integration with an organization’s existing or aspirational technologies to tailor a custom learning platform. Time to Know’s growing presence in the US educational landscape meant they needed a local AWS cloud services expert to manage their existing customers and expand their market reach. But, it was more than just expertise they needed. With a number of high profile US education customers like Houston Independent School District TX, Shelby County School District TN and Chicago Public Schools, Time To Know wanted a partner that understood their platform, their customer’s technical and digital learning needs, as well as the local school landscape.

Infiniti is the “local” choice for cloud-based learning environments

Infiniti’s AWS cloud expertise, intimate knowledge of the US education landscape, reputation for exceptional customer service, and technical understanding of the Time To Know platform made Infiniti the ideal US partner to help propel Time To Know forward in the US market and serve their clients successfully. Infiniti’s leading edge technology consulting and software development business employs an agile group of technologists in an environment hard-wired to innovate and excel. This means we can stay up today with the latest, ever-changing technology to serve Time to Know, and their customers alike.

Time to Know’s ongoing success

Infiniti continues to focus on fully leveraging the power of AWS cloud services to support Time To Know’s growing North American client base. Infiniti also matches their current public-sector client base to Time to Know’s software platform — continually providing new opportunities for content development. Finally, Infiniti is training its own agile workforce on Time To Know and deploying it for our own workforce education and development. This makes Infiniti an insider-expert on the platform as well as the national service provider.

More about Infiniti, Time to Know and AWS

With respect to AWS cloud services, Infiniti provides MSP support to Time To Know for their North American AWS clients. Time To Know’s AWS architecture is highly sophisticated using multiple databases (SQL and NoSQL databases), a content distribution network, public and private subnets, S3 storage, and numerous EC2 instances to meet performance and high-availability needs. Infiniti’s team is currently working with Time To Know’s development team, architects, and engineers to optimize cloud deployment or Time To Know and customer experience.

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