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Cloud Enabled Disaster Recovery


The Contra Costa Community College District is comprised of 3 community colleges serving over 50,000 students. Located in Contra Costa County, in the beautiful and diverse San Francisco East Bay area, the District serves the 1 million residents of the County through education, business partnerships and service in the community. The District first opened its doors in 1949 and is the second oldest and eighth largest multi-college community college district in California. The District consists of three colleges and two centers; Contra Costa College in San Pablo; Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill; Los Medanos College in Pittsburg; and the centers in Brentwood and San Ramon. Current annual enrollment is just over 50,000 students.


The CCCCD technology department wanted to enhance its disaster recovery plan, in the event of a disaster, so that it could provide uninterrupted service for the 3 college campuses and over 50,000 students it serves. Prior to working with Infiniti and implementing a new strategy, CCCCD used a tape back-up system that was stored at their Diablo Valley campus while the backup software sent backup replicas to an offsite location in Nevada. Even though this strategy was secure, it would have been difficult for CCCCD to quickly and efficiently recover in the event of a serious outage or disaster.


Infiniti conducted a DR assessment for CCCCD and determined that the legacy offsite tape back-up strategy for all CCCCD’s data could be dramatically improved by shifting the back-up and restore strategy to the AWS cloud. In order to facilitate this strategy, Infiniti recommended replacement of the on-premises backup software with Commvault that would allow CCCCD to back-up and restore its data to the cloud and/or back to the CCCCD data center. The Infiniti team worked in partnership with the CCCCD team to design the new AWS architecture, implement the Commvault software, test the new system and seamlessly migrate this new process to the AWS cloud. The cloud architecture design and back-up and restore strategy includes the following elements:

  • Development of new AWS cloud architecture for CCCCD
  • Assist with replacement and implementation of the Commvault software.
  • Test and deployment of the new back-up and restore service

Prior to implementing the new solution it would have taken CCCCD days and possibly weeks to back-up and restore its data center and applications and it would have cost them 100’s of person hours to complete the effort. With the new AWS/Commvault back-up and restore solution CCCCD can quickly and easily restore its entire data center in a relatively short amount of time and staff effort.


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