IV & V

At Infiniti we have one thing in mind when we undertake IV&V work — project success. We don’t view large IV&V reports identifying issues as success — instead we view a project that delivers a working software system as a success.

The foundation of Infiniti’s IV&V approach is IEEE based, using the additional standards (CMMI, PMBOK) as needed to meet the specific goals of each project. Our approach has been developed and refined by applying the IEEE standard on many projects for a wide range of clients. We partner closely with our clients to fully understand their challenges, opportunities, and overall project constraints before making any judgments or recommendations. By combining proven, best-practices for successful IV&V while understanding the specifics of our client’s goals, we are able to provide quality IV&V and ensure the development and deployment of systems of the highest quality. We combine our knowledge derived from each phase of the systems development process to skillfully perform IV&V by prioritizing issues and achieving the right result — a successful implementation, on time, within budget, and fit for purpose.

At Infiniti, we focus on truly providing support and real value, not simply being critical and throwing reports “over-the-wall.” We endeavor to add value and, when possible, avoid confrontation by working hard to understand the needs of our clients, being pro-active in identifying issues, and giving the project more time to correct the issues. We use our considerable experience from many years of dealing with IT problems to anticipate and prioritize issues and help our clients avoid setbacks. We realize it is our responsibility to do everything we can to help the project succeed.

Our team successfully serves large organizations with complex business requirements, and complex systems. Yet, we do not assume to know everything. We approach every challenge and opportunity with an open mind. We learn all we can by using source documents, asking intelligent questions, seeking to understand, and applying our time wisely.

It is much easier to criticize the substance of existing plans and deliverables than it is to identify what is missing — this is where our experience of the context, our knowledge of building systems, and our work ethic will help deliver real value. Thinking about requirements requires thinking ahead and evaluating from a number of different viewpoints. Infiniti has the necessary experience to deliver successful outcomes above and beyond client expectations.