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Cloud Delivered Time Keeping SaaS for State Agencies


HR and BI software company experiences explosive growth with on-demand cloud tools for 25K+ users

Tempo Software provides a set of integrated modules for employee driven HR-related tasks including timekeeping, employee profile, grievance management, expense tracking, and training for more than 25,000 government employees in two states. For years Tempo software has provided web based HR and business intelligence solutions for the State of Nevada. Since 2015, Tempo has experienced rapid growth in the California market with their HR timekeeping module and data warehousing for organizations such as California’s Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and Orange County. Their public sector software solutions are customized using Java, Oracle, SQL Server, Linux, Windows and open source tools. Tempo is so successful they began struggling to keep up with the growing demand for their software solutions in California. Tempo recognized that their market opportunity as a top-tier application development company could not be fully realized without a partner who could quickly deploy their programs to a growing client base.

Infiniti AWS DevOps frees up Tempo to focus on what they do best

Infiniti provides AWS (Cloud IaaS) Managed Service Provider services for Tempo, including AWS Solution Architecture, DevOps, and SysOps support and guidance for Tempo so they can quickly deploy their software to new clients as well as automate testing and installation of new software versions. Tempo’s software engineers are now able to focus on new product features and software application development while leaving the DevOps and SysOps to Infiniti’s team. Infiniti’s team is also providing solution architecture guidance to Tempo’s architects and engineers to help them fully leverage the AWS services such as Lambda, EFS, and RedShift.

Tempo’s ongoing success

Tempo is experiencing rapid growth with electronic timekeeping in California with growing national interest. With the help of Infiniti’s MSP support, Tempo is now rapidly deploying to new clients in California, including most recently the Department of Fish and Wildlife, with an ever-growing pipeline. Leveraging Infiniti’s AWS services such as Lambda, EFS, and RedShift means Tempo’s government client can take advantage of AWS Infrastructure as a Service’s (IaaS) scalability and flexibility as their needs evolve over time.

Infiniti is currently working with Tempo to setup AWS environments for several large California government departments. For these clients Infiniti’s team has helped Tempo utilize cross-region replication, load balancing, auto-scaling in addition to realizing the cost savings of consolidated billing.

Currently, Infiniti is analyzing spot instance methods to provide very low cost performance testing environment for Tempo.

More about Infiniti, Tempo and AWS

Infiniti’s AWS certified staff have provided guidance to Tempo software’s engineers on many aspects of AWS. These services include AWS solution architecture, security architecture, performance architecture, as well as DevOps and SysOps. The first step was creating EC2 instances with snapshots on S3 storage. An initial area of focus was security, which included architecting and implementing highly secure access, managed firewalls, establishing AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) controls, leveraging multi-factor authentication (MFA), and private subnets through Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs). Furthermore, Infiniti is using a combination of security groups, Network Access Control Lists (ACLs) and routing table rules to ensure that access to Tempo’s servers is rigidly protected.

Within the web tier and application tier Infiniti’s team has set up AWS auto-scaling groups, elastic load balancers, and Route 53 DNS Health Checks and DNS Failover.

On the database tier, Infiniti has set up database backups and disk snapshots to AWS S3 to ensure Tempo is fully covered from a disaster recovery standpoint. Infiniti’s team is now working with Tempo to make changes to the application to allow Tempo to use Amazon’s RDS rather than a Windows Server base instance with a separate SQL Server ISO/license. This will allow Tempo to take advantage of the RDO replication system that supports replication to another RDS instance on a different availability zone to increase resilience or automate failover. Cost savings are also expected with RDS.

Tempo, as a software development company, follows an Agile development process, so using DevOps processes is a natural extension of their existing processes. For DevOps, Infiniti’s Cloud System Engineers are using a combination of tools, including AWS ECS, Docker, Jenkins, and Salt to set up Tempo’s DevOps processes.

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