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CalExpo High-speed Network


Everyone loves a fair, but in this digital age, it’s not just about a Ferris Wheel

We’re Californians, and we love it here. At the California Exposition & State Fairgrounds (CalExpo), Californians can celebrate all the great things about our state — our achievements, agriculture, diversity, traditions and the trends that will shape the Golden State’s future.

For 160 years, CalExpo’s 350 acres of beautiful grounds have played host to popular summer shows and festivals, as well as year-round entertainment and interactive exhibits. But, the definition of interactive has evolved in recent years, and CalExpo’s exhibitors and attendees are expecting an experience worthy of California’s reputation for leadership in the computing and technology industry.

CalExpo was ready for an upgrade to its infrastructure, including new hardware with modern and accessible support, a segmented network to improve and customize security experiences as well as a user-friendly interface for staff, vendors and attendees alike. A new, scalable plan for wireless connectivity was in order.

Infiniti orchestrates 350 acres of wireless connectivity

The technology and network experts at Infiniti designed information architecture to meet the needs of CalExpo’s administrators, exhibitors and attendees. Services included the installation and implementation of a complete network infrastructure upgrade built from scratch. Infiniti also designed and installed a new enterprise-grade, high-density wireless network for the entire 350-acre campus, utilizing the latest 802.11ac technology.

California Exposition & State Fair’s ongoing success

With network wireless access now available throughout the facility, guests, patrons, vendors, and employees have instant access to a fast, high-bandwidth wifi network for their phones, tablets and laptops. The high-performance network is essential to attract and retain exhibitors and show-runners so they can manage their business while exhibiting at CalExpo. Users can now access network resources and the Internet to conduct tasks necessary to basic job functions, communications, commerce, and analytics. Furthermore, the facility design consists of a tightly segmented network with appropriate security measures, so different networks securely support each type of user — guests, vendors and staff. CalExpo has moved its facility’s technology infrastructure into the 21st century which will allow it to attract the best exhibitors and shows so it can celebrate all that California has to offer.

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