Success story

2016 MESC Trophy – ‘Best Graphic Design’


Infiniti & DHCS win ‘Best Graphic Design’   

At this year’s Medicaid Enterprise System’s Conference (MESC), Infiniti, in collaboration with our client, the California Department of Health Care Services, took a decidedly different tack on poster design. Our MITA Practice Director, Carrie Moore and our graphic design partner, Maria O’Neil wanted to come up with a design that was not only informative but also fun, relatable and very visually appealing. They tossed around a few creative ideas using current topics of interest to most of the public before landing on a poster design modeled after the ‘Game of Thrones’ map. A theme of MITA is understanding the As-Is state of business process functions and defining the desired To-Be state of business process improvement.

To that end, two posters were developed. One showed the As-Is state of Medi-Cal with each program area as a separate fiefdom and many different access points for both members and providers, along with multiple systems performing duplicative functions. The second poster, using the same map, showed the currently planned To-Be target with centralized governance, and modularized systems based on the MITA business processes, with streamlined access to programs and services. The posters were beautiful and throngs of conference goers enjoyed being taken through the journey by our Infiniti staff who presented the poster at the conference.

Success Stories

2016 MESC Trophy – ‘Best Graphic Design’